Thursday, May 1, 2014

Assignment #9ish Fiction Writing- Revision, but atually final My Blog!

This is the final blog of this semester. We're suppose to blog about what we learned etc etc. Blogging was pretty ok. I've learned a lot from blogging and probably will use blogging in the future. I could always go back into this blog and reflect on what I've learned or recap on what forgotten.
One of the current themes I've learned a lot is revision revision revision! I've done so many revisions I'm surprised my teeth haven't straightened. Huh huh, that was gold!
I've also learned how complicated a story can be if the person reading it doesn't understand the genre. Also too much detail is too much, and too little detail is not enough, find the in between. I feel like a guru. Reading a lot of poetry and stories this year has thought me that. I can't wait for what's in store for the near future. And for me I'll be cycling all summer on my unicycle C YA!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Assignment #8- Proof I listen in class and went to the Writer's conference and tried to score extra browine points and did kinda

Last week Saturday April 12, I went to the spring writer's conference. Christopher Lehmann-Haupt(click and you will learn more) was the keynote speaker at the conference. I learned a lot from him and his neat little stories about the Berlin wall and stuff, man you should have been there. I also learned a lot about revision, revision, revision which was one of the main themes of the conference. I also learned that there are certain energy drinks that should be taken lightly. I practically was bouncing of the walls with my equally excited buddy Joesph Torres, you know, big awkward looking guy that hangs on my shoulder like bird poop. I'm testing to see if he's actually reading my blogs or anyone, helloooo! I met my poetry professor, I thought buying his book would get me brownie points, turns out he saw me there, but not purchasing the book. Which I managed to squeeze in. Actually enjoyed it, I kinda want an autograph..."Hey Ma I'm typing here!" Also I'm not against smoking but when you sound like the people in the smoking adds, IIIIIII think you should limit yourself to bubblegum. "Hey kido, smokes were thirty three cents," miscellaneous weezing and coughing. It was and interesting conference. I learned stuff, I just wish it was free because I'm in college wah wah wah and more wah's.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Assignment #7 Fiction Writing- Point of view

Yay blog the Seventh! I pretty much figured out this whole point of view thingy, I had a hunch about it so I googled it and I was right. Basically it's the story seen or told by another character or thing. If my brief explanation didn't help, click here and find out more or less. Blogging out.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Assignment #6 Fiction Writing- The Pink Institution

Yeah I'll admit it, I was a tad disappointed when I was assigned to read over spring break, but man was it worth it. The Pink Institution was really awesome, and I enjoyed it ever so much.

The Pink Institution by Selah Satersom (look up her other stuff dudes) was a story about a family with a messed up history life. I won't spoil to much of the story, even though it was supposed to be read by now.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the only problem I had was the fact that I kept forgetting character names. I'm not very good with remembering names. I usually try to remember characters or people by their actions or personalities. It usually lands me in trouble though, but hey it works.

I enjoyed the poetry parts of the story, for some I can see why it could've been confusing or frustrating, but I felt the poetry added to the story. The poetry felt like scattered thoughts fluttering over the page, or a deranged man in a cell talking gibberish. I felt it added, to all the overwhelming craziness in the story.    

My favorite character of the story was Ginger. One of my favorite parts of the book was pg.45 with Ginger and the nuns and the Old lady screaming. I tend to exaggerate, but I imagined the old woman screaming and giggled a bit. Eyyya oooo raga raga!

Ok let me rap it up. I enjoyed the book so much that I have a couple pages book marked, and will be adding another friend to my bookshelf, that I got from Ikea, ooooooh! I also got a unicycle, jut love bragging about it.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Assignment #5 Fiction Writing- Blog of the Literary Stuff

So for this Blog I'll make it short and quick. I'm allowed to do that wooooo!

Ok the literary community I chose was WEBOOK. It's a pretty good site, that I may or may not go to in near the future(unless assigned). It's really rad from what I've seen and you can get a chance to get your work published. There is a store you can purchase other books and a section below where you can choose what category you like. Like poetry for me! Or screenplay, ACTING!(clickme)

Enjoy your week!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Assignment #4 Fiction Writing- A Story Not Assigned

So for today's blog, I was assigned to choose a short story that was not assigned and read a short story called "Marie," by Edward P. Jones. While I did enjoy the antics of an old woman slapping and stabbing youthful people, like a deranged vigilante. I have to post about a story of my choosing, and it is "Boys," by Rick Moody.

I randomly chose the short story "Boys," and to my surprise was actually really good. This is the opening to the story, "Boys enter the house, boys enter the house." This is basically how the whole story is written. Boys do this, boys do that, boys blah blah blah, surprisingly it works very well in this short story. Through out the story we're are given events on what the Boys are doing from little kids, then adolescence, and then adults. During these moments you begin to forget the simple dialog and repetition of the word Boys, and start to picture the events unfolding into a story.There were no dialog in the story because it was narrated, which worked. I would continue but I would be giving to much away. Trust me when I say this. This story was awesome! It kicks you in the heart and you won't even see it coming.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Assignmet #3 Fiction Writing- Encouraging Quote

Well I've been assigned another blog assignment, and I have to keep it short this week. I know I know, I'll try not to be too chatty.

My encouraging quote, is a quote from a comic book writer quoting a quote. Last year during free comic book day, I met an inspiring comic book writer by the name of Dan Slott, no big deal he only writes for Marvel and has changed Spider-man(literally)comics in ways no one else has before. Anyway I met him at Zap Comic's, a local comic book store, and I had a "brief" chat with him. Dan Slott gave me a very insightful quote that has changed me for the better. Errr I think.

 “Chuck Jones said something that was meant for artists but works just the same for writers,” Slott said. “‘Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them, and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.’ So the quicker you get the bad stuff out, the sooner you’ll get to the good.”

Very inspirational stuff, well at-least for me. I promised to keep this short...did I? Oh well. There's a lot more to this story if you'll give me the time partner, click here the link thingy and you'll get to know more of what happened. AAAYEEEEHAWWWW!