Thursday, May 1, 2014

Assignment #9ish Fiction Writing- Revision, but atually final My Blog!

This is the final blog of this semester. We're suppose to blog about what we learned etc etc. Blogging was pretty ok. I've learned a lot from blogging and probably will use blogging in the future. I could always go back into this blog and reflect on what I've learned or recap on what forgotten.
One of the current themes I've learned a lot is revision revision revision! I've done so many revisions I'm surprised my teeth haven't straightened. Huh huh, that was gold!
I've also learned how complicated a story can be if the person reading it doesn't understand the genre. Also too much detail is too much, and too little detail is not enough, find the in between. I feel like a guru. Reading a lot of poetry and stories this year has thought me that. I can't wait for what's in store for the near future. And for me I'll be cycling all summer on my unicycle C YA!

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